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Contested Divorces, Let Us Fight for You in the Courts

Apr 9, 2014 @ 09:28 PM — by Michael Green

Green & Associates has been fighting for its clients in contested divorces over the many hundreds of cases where it has served clients in difficult, contested divorces.  Michael S. Green knows what it takes to be in the trenches in the courtroom and have to fight for his clients' rights.  Whether the issue is custody, relocation, alimony or other support, Mr. Green knows what it takes to argue for his clients whoever his adversary is in court.  Mr. Green has successfully litigated against many of the most experienced and highly skilled divorce attorneys in the State of New Jersey and he can do that for you as well.  

Most recently, Mr. Green won a plenary hearing where a change in custody was necessary for a child and relocation was required as well.  In this trial, a psychiatrist issued a report and testified at length at trial.

Mr. Green has also recently been on trial for a post-judgement motion regarding a complicated business transaction between a Husband and Wife memorialized in their Property Settlement Agreement.  The trial included forensic accounting experts for both sides and complicated accounting principles.

Mr. Green has also acted as the attorney for clients in contested matters that go to mediation where business valuations are at issue and where mediation require multiple day long sessions.  He has the energy and drive to fight for you through such a mediation to skillfully help you get results.

Whatever your needs are in a contested, difficult divorce proceeding, Mr. Green can assist you.  Call us now at 732-390-0480 or 201-242-1119, so we can help you!

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