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Family Law and Divorce Lawyers in East Brunswick and Fort Lee, Ask Us About Our Flat Fees

Nov 14, 2014 @ 04:34 PM — by Michael Green

At Green & Associates we assist our clients with all matters regarding family law including uncontested or contested divorces.  Often with amicable divorces where the parties have come to an agreement on much of the terms or will in the first three to four months of a divorce, a property settlement agreement may be drafted and an uncontested divorce for a flat fee may be considered.  If the parties are likely to litigate their case because they are not amicable or because they cannot agree on the terms of the divorce, generally the courts will require the parties begin the process of discovery and other processes that lead towards a trial.  The parties may settle their case at any time during the process and a divorce may be finalized with the property settlement agreement.

If the parties have very little at issue as regards alimony, equitable distribution of property, child custody or child support, it is more likely that an uncontested divorce may be entered in short order and a property settlement agreement may be necessary or not depending on the facts of the case.  At Green & Associates, flat fees are generally considered in cases such as these.

If you have postjudgment motions regarding alimony, child custody or other matters.  Green & Associates is well-experienced handling these matters as well.  Alimony modification for what were permanent alimony cases has been greatly affected by the recent statute regarding alimony passed by the State of New Jersey.  There is no longer permanent alimony in New Jersey but open durational alimony for those cases where alimony proceeded to retirement.  Generally, retirement will be at the social security age of recognized retirement age of 67 years old, at which point, after certain factors are considered, generally alimony would be terminated.  If you wish for your alimony case to be revisited, please contact us regarding the filing of a motion for modification of alimony.

In addition, if you are looking for a change of custody as to your children of a marriage, we can help you with the filing of a motion for a change of custody.  Often, motions such as these require a plenary hearing where the court hears testimony and reviews evidence submitted by the parties to determine what is in the best interests of the children regarding a change in custody.  Often, as well, an expert is appointed that will interview the parties and generate a report for the court.  These reports can be determinative of the issue of child custody. 

At Green & Associates, we also relocation motions for those parties that are seeking to relocate out of the State of New Jersey with their children for good cause, whether that is to be closer to family or for a new job or educational opportunities for the children.  A postjudgment relocation motion may also lead to a plenary hearing as well depending on the facts of the case and the objections by the other parent of the children.

For all your family law needs, please call Green & Associates so we can help you and your family.  We have two offices, one in Fort Lee and one in East Brunswick, please call us at 732-390-0480 or 201-242-1119.


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