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Planning for an Amicable Divorce or Uncontested Divorce, How Flat Fees for a Limited Uncontested Divorce May Help You Save Time and Money

Nov 26, 2014 @ 04:18 PM — by Michael Green

If you are planning for an amicable divorce with or without mediation, you may wish to consider a limited uncontested divorce.  All of your terms of divorce will be memorialized in a Property Settlement Agreement or Matrimonial Settlement Agreement, and provided you may agree on terms for your divorce within the first three to four months of filing your complaint for divorce, you may have a limited uncontested divorce.  At Green & Associates, we can help you with the filing of your complaint for divorce and the drafting of your Property Settlement Agreement or Matrimonial Settlement Agreement, so that you are more likely to settle your case amicably and obtain a limited uncontested divorce.  In addition, for an uncontested divorce Green & Associates generally offers a flat fee for these services.  Please call us at 732-390-0480 or 201-242-1119, to schedule a free consultation.  You may make an appointment at either of our two offices serving Middlesex, Bergen, Monmouth, Somerset, Union, Hudson and Mercer counties.  Our offices are located in East Brunswick and Fort Lee.

If both parties are talking, then they may wish to discuss the terms of their divorce prior to beginning the process.  Terms generally cover child custody, child support, alimony, equitable distribution of property such as the marital residence, vacation homes, retirement accounts such as IRAs, 401ks, pensions, cars, and any debt associated with the marriage.

Often parties are confused about  whether or not an asset or a debt has to be in the name of one or the other party for it be considred marital in nature.  Generally, if an asset is acquired using marital income or income derived during the marriage, then it is marital.  If debt is acquired during the marriage for marital purposes, then it is marital, neither would require that it be in the name of both parties.  Premarital funds that are comingled with marital assets put at issue whether or not or how much of an asset is a marital one.  These cases may be very fact specific and must be analyzed on a case by case basis.

Again, if you have an amicable, uncontested divorce, please call Green & Associates to save yourself time and money in the process of divorce.

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