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More on Pendente Lite Divorce Practice - Motions on Child Custody, Child Support, Spousal Support and Maintaining the Status Quo

Jul 13, 2015 @ 10:51 AM — by Michael Green

At Green & Asssociates, often times after filing a complaint for divorce for our clients, the other party then refuses to continue paying the bills that they have paid before, including the mortgage, property taxes, auto insurance, cell phone bills, and other bills.  The other party may also terminate our client's medical insurance and auto insurance.  None of this is acceptable pending the divorce.  A motion for pendente lite relief may be filed to address all of these issues.

In a motion for pendente lite relief the Case Information Statement is critical to the filing as it states what your current expenses weree living together jointly and what your expenses are or will be living separately.  It is through the CIS that the Court makes a determination as to what expenses will be paid and how will they be paid.  Sometimes the Court orders a specific amount of child support and spousal support, other times the Court orders that unallocated support be paid where it is not split as to child support or spousal support.  Still other times, the Court may order that certain A, B or C expenses be paid by one party or the other.  

If you believe you are in a position where you will need pendente lite support, contact Green & Associates, LLC at 732-390-0480 or 201-242-1119 and make an appointment at our East Brunswick or Fort Lee offices.  Our initial consultations are free and night and weekend appointments are available.  As an experienced divorce attorney and family lawyer, Mr. Green will fight for your rights!


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