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Divorce and Valuation of Assets for Equitable Distribution- What May Need to Be Done

Aug 27, 2015 @ 10:28 AM — by Michael Green

In a divorce where there are assets such as real estate, businesses, jewelry or collections (such as coin collections) or other property, it may be necessary to have evaluations made by professionals in order to value the property so that equitable distribution may take place.  As to real estate, a professional real estate appraiser may have to do a real estate appraisal.  As to businesses, both a forensic accountant and professional business appraiser may have to review the books, and bank statements of a business in order to determine the share of the other spouse in the business.  Finally, collections of personalty, such as jewlery or collections of coins or art would require a specific appraiser for that particular collection, to determine its value if it is not to be sold and the proceeds equitably distributed between the parties.  If you have questions regarding equitable distribution of such assets and their valuation, please call Green & Associates at 732-390-0480 at our East Brunswick office or 201-242-1119 at our Fort Lee office for a free consultation.  Night appointments are available.

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