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A Simple or Easy Divorce, Is there such a thing, and when do Flat Fees Apply

Oct 15, 2015 @ 12:08 PM — by Michael Green

A lot of people look at their divorced friends or family and have heard war stories about the length of time a divorce may take and how it becomes a litigated or contested matter when they were seeking a simple or easy divorce.  Many people hope to find the most efficient process available to them to obtain their divorce to mitigate the emotional and psychological havoc it may bring to a family, let alone the potentially very large legal fees attached to a contested divorce.  At Green & Associates, we talk plainly to you about the alternatives, and whether or not you may obtain a relatively straightforward uncontested divorce.  Call us now for your free consultation at 732-390-0480 or 201-242-1119.  We encourage you to ask us about our flat fees for default divorces, uncontested divorces and annulments.

If you and your spouse are amicable and essentially agree on many of the terms of your divorce, you may be able to have an uncontested divorce where we can offer you a flat fee for those services.   If you are in the process of mediation or have completed your mediation and have a Memorandum of Understanding as to your terms of divorce, we may be able to put through the divorce as an uncontested matter for a flat fee.  

The parties generally have to agree as terms for child custody, child support, alimony or a waiver thereof, and equitable distribution of property, which may include a marital residence, other real property, personal effects such as jewelry, automobiles, retirement accounts such as 401ks, IRAs, annuities and pensions.  Often retirement accounts and pensions are split via QDROs or Qualified Domestic Relations Orders.  In the case of tax deferred accounts, often the monies are split where the marital coverture portion is placed in a roll over IRA for the receiving spouse.  

If you are seeking guidance as to how to obtain an uncontested divorce that may allow for flat fees, please call Green & Associates now to set up your free consultation at 732-390-0480 or 201-242-1119.  We have an East Brunswick and Fort Lee office for your convenience.  Night appointments are available.

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