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Last Minute Changes to a Property or Matrimonial Settlement Agreement by Divorce Lawyers in Family Law Cases - The Process

Nov 10, 2015 @ 09:08 AM — by Michael Green

It is not at all unusual for parties to make last minute changes to their Property or Matrimonial Settlement Agreement.  Generally, upon the parties agreeing upon all the terms of their divorce in the form of an agreement, the parties' divorce attorneys or divorce lawyers or family lawyers will contact the court to schedule the put through of an uncontested divorce.  However, between that time and arriving at court, and sometimes upon arrival at court, the parties may have decided to change the agreement.  Provided they have not yet signed off on the agreement, one party or the other may wish to write into the agreement a change.  If they have already executed the agreement and had it notarized, then the agreement is generally enforceable, unless both parties consent to a change.  Upon agreeing on a change, the parties or their lawyers may write by hand into the agreement and those changes must be initialed by both parties.  At the uncontested hearing, both parties will receive a copy of the fully executed agreement and a copy of the Final Judgment of Divorce which has been entered by the Court.  In New Jersey, the parties receive a gold seal on their Judgment of Divorce with the signature of the court.  

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