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Divorce and Four Way Conferences - What Can Be Accomplished

Nov 19, 2015 @ 06:38 PM — by Michael Green

There are times during a divorce where the parties and their attorneys may wish to meet outside the context of the Courthouse or outside the court ordered processes such as early settlement panel, economic mediation, case management conferences, intensive settlement conferences and pre-trial conferences.  With the right parties, much may be accomplished with a direct meeting between the parties and their counsel.  Often in that scenario, the parties are relatively amicable, are seeking to reduce litigation costs and are close to terms but need some ironing out that is better suited to a direct meeting as opposed to the traditional back and forth negotiations between attorneys.  Parties may be helpful to the divorce attorneys or divorce lawyers or family law attorneys or family law lawyers in directing them to facts that may not be obvious that will help settlement negotiations.  Document review, especially of economic documents, may also be accelerated with the parties reviewing the documents together.  Finally, sometimes other than economic terms, child custody and child parenting time issues may be resolved directly with the parties with their attorneys when they or their attorneys have not been able to resolve them separately.  If an agreement is worked out, the parties may sign an agreement at the four way conference itself and then seek an uncontested hearing date to put through the divorce.

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