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Can You Still Live in the Same House After A Divorce

Dec 15, 2015 @ 08:46 AM — by Michael Green

Yes and no.  There is nothing in the law that would prohibit it, its more about whether that is such a good idea.  Parties might have unreal expectations as to what the other party has in mind or what might happen that is not anticipated e.g. the other party meeting another person.  Tensions can arise if the parties are now seeing other people or if financial matters kept them together and are still a problem going forward after the divorce.  For some couples, living together after divorce is not difficult at all and they prefer it for a variety of reasons.  Many wish to continue to co-parent and its the easiest way to do it.  Others are just looking to save money after the divorce and reside in the house together for as long as possible or until their children are out of the house.  It can work but parties have to be mindful of who they are and realistic in their expectations of each other going forward.  Divorce is no easy matter, neither is post judgment after the divorce.  Equitable distribution of the marital residence will have to occur at some point regardless.

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