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If You Have Been Served Divorce Papers, a Summons and Complaint, What to Do

Dec 30, 2015 @ 03:16 PM — by Michael Green

If you have been served divorce papers, generally, a summons and complaint for divorce, you have 35 days to answer or you will be in default and the other party may go forward without you and name their own terms for the divorce.   So, it is important that you answer the complaint prior to going into default.  After you answer, you are in the case and may go about the business of trying to settle on terms in a marital agreement or matrimonial agreement or property settlement agreement.  Your agreement will contain all the terms of your divorce, including terms for child custody, child support, alimony, and equitable distribution of property.  If you have been served, call us now for a free consultation, weekends and nights are available..

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