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How to Make Your Divorce Go Faster

Jan 18, 2016 @ 01:11 PM — by Michael Green

How to Make Your Divorce Go Faster.  First and foremost, don't litigate or fight about the issues unnecessarily or for spite or revenge.  If you wish to get divorced, then get right to the point, work out the issues, whether they are about child support, child custody, alimony or spousal support, equitable distribution of assets or debts, including retirement accounts.  In addition, there are certain procedural things that may be done that will allow the court to work with your attorney faster and get the divorce through faster e.g. personal filing of the complaint may allow you to obtain a docket number right away and allow for the service of the complaint two to three weeks earlier.  Have your property settlement agreement with all the terms of your divorce completed and executed prior to your put through date where you actually get divorced in court.  This way there won't be any last minute surprises.  Have all your information at the ready to set up any probation account necessary for the payment of child support or alimony, this way the court will not have to wait to begin the disbursement process.  Bottom line, work with your attorney to think out the issues in advance, so that you can get your divorce done in an expeditious manner without wasting time and money.  Call our NJ divorce lawyer or NJ divorce attorney in our East Brunswick or Fort Lee office for assistance right away at 732-390-0480 or 201-242-1119. Let us help you with your NJ divorce to move it as fast as possible through the courts.

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