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Divorce and the Snow, Digging Out from All of It

Jan 25, 2016 @ 11:06 AM — by Michael Green

Divorce and the Snow, Digging Out from All of It.  So, maybe you've been closed in for days and you have cabin fever and you've decided, now is the time for you to get divorced.  We're here, our offices are open, the roads are clear and if you wish to go forward with your divorce, you can call us to make an appointment for your free consultation.  Divorce in the beginning of the year is sometimes hard to contemplate, others, think about starting fresh and getting ready for the warmer months.  Its never an easy decision and there are likely factors independent of the time of year that weigh more heavily on your decision.  Regardless, getting started with a big decision is usually the toughest thing to do.  At Green & Associates, we'll run through with you, your options in a divorce.  What can help you best at this time, how to speak to your spouse about this decision and what you can expect in the process.  As to how long, how costly, we can help you with your expectations as to that as well.  So, whether you are looking into a divorce, or need to file a family law motion for college tuition and expenses or modification of alimony or modification of child support or modification of custody.  Or, if you have questions about equitable distribution of assets and debt.  Or, if you just need to go over it all with an NJ divorce lawyer or NJ divorce attorney.  Our New Jersey divorce lawyer or New Jersey divorce attorney will help you find the right answers to your questions in our free consultation.  A divorce lawyer or divorce attorney may be just what you need to speak to you about all of the issues regarding your divorce or family law matter.  So, whether you are nearby our Fort Lee office or our East Brunswick office, call us for a free consultation.  Ask us about our flat fees for uncontested divorces and default divorces that are limited in nature.  Flat fees are often something that can help you plan out your divorce process and your expectations of how a divorce will go forward in the Courts.  

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