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When Divorce with an Online Service or Packet Provider Probably Does Not Serve You Best

Jan 26, 2016 @ 12:24 PM — by Michael Green

When Divorce with an Online Service or Packet Provider Probably Does Not Serve You Best.  

If you are looking for a so-called easy divorce or simple divorce or flat fee divorce or a do it yourself divorce, there are plenty of services by non-lawyers out there that advertise a low cost divorce, but you may not be well served by these services if you require a property settlement agreement or matrimonial settlement agreement with terms for a divorce that includes child custody, child support, alimony or spousal support, or equitable distribution of assets or debt.  In my practice, I have seen it time and again, where parties come to me AFTER they have been divorced using a do it yourself service and their agreements and the terms of their divorce are drafted horribly or in a manner that after the divorce causes tremendous problems for everyone involved.  I have seen extraordinarily bright professionals, who think they can just look online and figure it out, draft terms that make little sense going forward and create problems for themselves after the divorce when the other spouse objects to the terms of the agreement.  The Courts do not necessarily look kindly at one-sided terms that one party has agreed upon without the advice of an attorney.  

The shame of it is, is that for just a little more money, you can have a properly drafted agreement with terms that will work for you and stand the test of time.  If you need a property settlement agreement with your divorce, I implore you to seek the advice of an attorney and spend a little more money rather than do it yourself.  You'll be much better served in the end.  Call us at Green & Associates, your NJ attorney and NJ lawyer, to give you a free consultation as to your case before you decide which way to go.  You'll be surprised at how reasonable our legal fees can be with uncontested or simple divorces.

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