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FD Dockets Or Domestic Dockets and How They Differ from Traditional FM or Matrimonial Dockets With The Courts in A Divorce Proceeding

Jun 29, 2016 @ 02:14 PM — by Michael Green

FD Dockets Or Domestic Dockets and How They Differ from Traditional FM or Matrimonial Dockets With The Courts in A New Jersey Divorce Proceeding.  

If a party files an FD docket complaint, prior to filing a divorce complaint.  The case will be tracked as a Domestic or FD docket until it is merged with an FM docket that is given to any divorce complaint filed. 

In family law matters, with an FD docket matter, Court hearings are generally held by Probation Hearing Officers, that are generally not Judges, but attorneys appointed by the Court to hear such matters such as child support determinations.  Child support is routinely ordered by them after obtaining from the parties their income information, generally using their last three pay stubs and last tax returns.  If the parties do not agree on parenting time with their children or other matters, generally, the Court will make a tentative decision to determine child support and the parties will be referred to mediation or the Courts calendar with a Judge to further determine issues of parenting time and spousal support and other matters.  

In New Jersey divorce matters, FM dockets or matrimonial divorce matters are generally in front of a Judge and issues of child support, spousal support and equitable distribution are the issues handled during a divorce.  These matters are not dealt with directly by a Judge until a trial, unless one of the parties files a pendente lite motion requesting support prior to settlement of the matrimonial matter.  Prior to a trial or a motion, the parties go through processes ordered or scheduled by the Court to push the parties towards settlement or trial.  Discovery, Early Settlement Panel, Economic Mediation, Pareting time mediation, Intensive Settlement Conference with the Court, are all processes that occur prior to a trial and judicial determination if no motion has been filed by the Court prior to a trial.  Most parties misunderstand that a Judge does not determine the terms of a settlement unless they must do so via a trial or motion.

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