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Foreign Cases and Their Affect on a New Jersey Filed Divorce Case

Jul 5, 2016 @ 04:08 PM — by Michael Green

If a case has been filed in a jurisdiction different than New Jersey it may or not affect he proceeding in New Jersey.  Generally, if a matrimonial case has been filed in a state of the United States prior to the filing of the case in New Jersey, the Courts will follow the first filed rule and the matrimonial case filed first will proceed.  However, if the children and marital assets are here in New Jersey, there is a good argument that the case should proceed here as all the issues are here in New Jersey.  When a case has been filed in a foreign jurisdiction in another country, the issues are more complex as to whether or not that case will be recognized by a New Jersey Family Court as the first filed case.  In situations, such as India, where a criminal matter or even a civil matter that is not a matrimonial matter has been filed, the divorce complaint filed here in New Jersey will generally be allowed to proceed and will not be stayed or dismissed.  If you are interested in filing a New Jersey divorce with our experienced NJ divorce lawyer and NJ divorce attorney, and there are issues regarding other family law matters in India, China, Pakistan, Phillipines, Africa, NIgeria, New Guinea, South Africa, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Russia, or elsewhere, please contact our office to set up a free consultation.  We offer flat fees for uncontested divorce matters and encourage you to ask about them.  We also offer night appointments, call us at 732-390-0480 or 201-242-1119 in our East Brunswick or Fort Lee offices.

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