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New Jerswey Divorce and Economic Mediation as a Tool in Advance of a NJ Contested Divorce

Jul 24, 2016 @ 11:42 AM — by Michael Green

New Jersey Divorce and Economic Mediation as a Tool in Advance of a NJ Contested Divorce.  There are times for a variety of reasons, parties to a NJ Divorce would like to avoid litigation in the NJ Family Court system.  There may be issues regarding a business that both parties would rather handle up front for example through mediation, rather than have the NJ Family Courts handle it through the process of filings for early settlement panel, court ordered economic mediation, intensive settlement conference with the Judge and a trial.  Through early intensive economic mediation, which even may include issues of child custody and parenting time, if the parties so choose, all the issues of a divorce may be settled up front by the parties working with their attorneys and the mediator to bring the case to a conclusion sooner than later. The proofs that the parties wish to bring to mediation will assist the mediator in making a determination that is confidential and not enforceable.  The terms of any settlement through mediation are not enforceable unless the parties sign off on an agreement at the mediation.  Generally, this is an important step to settling the NJ divorce overall and the agreement can then be further outlined in a full-blown property settlement agreement or matrimonial settlement agreement.  If the mediation does not prove the desired result for the parties, they may agree to waive their conflict with the mediator and pursue binding arbitration in New Jersey with that mediator or another arbitrator, so that they will have an enforceable decision made without having to go through the court process.  Our NJ divorce attorney and NJ divorce lawyer at Green & Associates can help you with this decision making process to offer you another way of bringing your divorce to an early settlement without having to litigate for an extensive period of time in the courts.  Often, NJ mediators may be retired Judges that have a wealth of experience as to such cases. Call us now at 732-390-0480 or 201-242-1119 in our Fort Lee or East Brunswick offices for a free divorce consultation and ask us about our flat fee divorce structure for flat fee uncontested divorces.

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