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Notice of Proposed Judgment in a New Jersey Divorce

Oct 27, 2016 @ 01:00 PM — by Michael Green

Notice of Proposed Judgment of Divorce in a New Jersey Divorce.  A Notice of Proposed Judgment of Divorce must be served upon a party in default twenty days prior to the default hearing date in a divorce, if the NPJ is not served timely then the Plaintiff will have to have the NPJ reserved for another day in order to provide the proper notice to a defendant in default in a New Jersey divorce in the New Jersey Family Courts.  Generally, a plaintiff files a complaint for divorce and serves it with a summons upon the defendant, the other party.  

The defendant has 35 days to answer or enter an appearance in the case.  If they do not file either an answer or an appearance, then that party is in default and the plaintiff may go forward without the defendant.  As to the terms of the divorce, the terms must be laid out in a Notice of Proposed Judgment of Divorce that must be served upon the other party in the instance where there is child support, child custody, alimony or spousal support and/or equitable distribution of assets, such as retirement accounts or a marital residence.

Upon serving the NPJD, the plaintiff may then go forward without the defendant and if the defendant does not object to the Notice of Proposed Judgment of Divorce, generally, the NPJD and all of its terms will be adopted by the Court and signed off on in a Final Judgment of Divorce.  

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