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Free Divorce Consultation in East Brunswick or Fort Lee Offices

Nov 29, 2016 @ 06:00 PM — by Michael Green

Free Divorce Consultation in East Brunswick or Fort Lee Offices With Flat Fee Divorce or Flat Rate Divorce for New Jersey Uncontested Divorce and Default Divorce 

If you are seeking a free divorce consultation in the East Brunswick or Fort Lee area, call us at Green & Associates at 732-390-0480 or 201-242-1119, our NJ divorce lawyer and NJ divorce attorney will assist you and night appointments are available.  Consider us your divorce center where you can acquire all manner of advice as to the issues of divorce from experienced legal counsel.  



We are well experienced as to all issues regarding a New Jersey Divorce in the New Jersey Family Courts including:

  • Child support modification
  • Child Custody 
  • Alimony or Spousal Support
  • Equitable Distribution of Assets and Debts and Liabilities
  • Equitable Distribution of Retirement Accounts, Pensions, Tax Deferred Accounts, 401ks, IRAs

Call us now to help you with your uncontested divorce or contested divorce.  Save time and money by seeking an uncontested divorce and an amicable divorce.  Ask us about our flat rates or flat fees for a limited uncontested divorce or default divorce and let us explain to you the process of a divorce and how fees are generally charged along the way.  The New Jersey Family Law Courts require that parties continue to litigate their divorce cases upon filing and head towards trial or their cases may be dismissed for lack of prosecution and the parties would have to start from the beginning, wasting precious time and resources.  

If you cannot settle your case within the first three or four months after the filing of the complaint, provided the other party has entered an appearance or answered the complaint for divorce, the courts will order a case management conference, where the parties have to outline the schedule for the discovery of documents and appraisals of a marital residence, business, pensions or other assets.  In addition, depositions may be scheduled as well.  

After the completion of discovery, the Courts will schedule the Early Settlement Panel where the parties have to meet with generally two panelists, local attorneys, that will tell the parties after a review of their settlement offers, what they think a New Jersey Family Court would generally order if the case went to trial.

If the parties do not settle at ESP, then the parties are court ordered by the New Jersey Family Court Judge that is assigned their case to Economic Mediation, where generally a local attorney mediates their economic issues and the parties will pay that mediator after two hours of review and mediation for the mediation services provided.

If the parties do not settle at Economic Mediation, the parties are scheduled for an Intensive Settlement Conference with the New Jersey Family Law Court Judge assigned to their case, where they may spend an entire day trying to settle the case with the assistance of the Judge.

If the parties do not settle at Intensive Settlement Conference with the Judge, the parties are Court Ordered to Trial.  A trial may last one day or many, many days, generally, it is not on consecutive days but days are scheduled for the trial over a period of months.  Ultimately, the Court will Order the terms of the divorce, if the parties cannot agree upon the terms themselves.

Needless to say, if you do not settle in an uncontested divorce early in the process, you will pay a large amount in legal fees and spend a lot of time litigating the case, perhaps, years.

Call us now to save time and save money and consider an uncontested divorce, early in the process of divorce.

Michael S. Green, Esq.

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