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New Jersey Divorce and Enforcement of NJ Mediation Agreements, MOUs

Oct 10, 2016 @ 11:00 AM — by Michael Green

New Jersey Divorce and Enforcement of NJ Mediation Agreements, MOUs.  Some parties that are amicable and have many outstanding issues between them often choose to go to mediation for the divorce prior to beginning the divorce process or filing a divorce complaint.  Issues such as child custody, child support, alimony or spousal support and equitable distribution of assets such as a marital home or retirement accounts, such as IRAs, 401ks or pensions, are issues that may be sorted out with a mediator.  A mediator may be an attorney but the mediator acts as an independent professional that attempts to reconcile these issues with the parties and memorialize their agreement in an MOU or Memorandum of Understanding.  The MOU must then be formally drafted into a legally enforceable document or Property or Matrimonial Settlement Agreement.  An MOU is just an agreement to agree and is not legally enforceable.  However, upon execution of a PSA or MSA,

The Angry Marriage and What To Do About It In a NJ Divorce

Oct 6, 2016 @ 10:00 AM — by Michael Green

The Angry Marriage and What To Do About It In a NJ Divorce.  If you have past the point of marriage counseling or divorce mediation and one or both parties are angry in the marriage, and you are finally going to make that decision to move on to a healthier relationship, consult with Green & Associates about what your rights are if you decided to go forward with a divorce.  Often parties need to know what they can expect if they were to actually get divorced and how it will affect their income in the future, their assets and their children.  Knowing the unknown and becoming better informed about your future can go a long way towards reducing your anxiety about the prospect of a divorce.  Call us for a free consultation.  We are available at night for consultations and can help you move on with your life.  Call us at 732-390-0480 or 201-242-1119 for a free consultation in our East Brunswick or Fort Lee offices  with our NJ divorce attorney or NJ divorce lawyer today.

Employability Experts and Divorce

Jun 15, 2016 @ 03:07 PM — by Michael Green

If a party to a divorce has recently lost their job, it may be important for the other party to obtain an employability expert, an expert who can opine as to what kind of employment the other party may be qualified for and what income that party could make in today's economy.  Often such an expert is engaged after discovery but prior to Early Settlement Panel and Economic mediation.  Employability experts are important when a party is claiming they can no longer earn the kind of income they did in a previous job or when it is difficult to impute or obtain consent for imputation of income for purposes of determining alimony and child support in the future.   If you have questions regarding such issues in your divorce, please call us in our East Brunswick or Fort Lee offices at 732-390-0480 or 201-242-1119 for a free consultation.  We have night appointments as well.

Divorce Mediation Alternatives that You May Wish to Consider

Oct 31, 2014 @ 01:57 PM — by Michael Green

Divorce Mediation may be considered by parties that are relatively amicable and wish to try an alternative to a litigated divorce.  They may not wish to pay the expensive litigation costs of a divorce that is fought out in the court system and seek a method for divorce that will not cost them a lot of money and will not cause them undue or unnecessary fighting and conflict.  Generally, after a mediation an MOU or Memorandum of Understanding is drafted by the mediator and serves as the framework for the terms of any divorce.  However, the mediator as an objective party may not file the divorce for the parties and the MOU must still be converted into a legally enforceable document generally known as the Property Settlement Agreement or Matrimonial Settlement Agreement. The MOU is only an agreement to agree. At Green & Associates, we often put through divorces that have been mediated and draft the PSA or MSA for the parties.