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Thanksgiving, Trump, Clinton and a New Jersey Divorce

Nov 27, 2016 @ 02:00 PM — by Michael Green

Thanksgiving, Trump, Clinton and a New Jersey Divorce - The Politics of Divorce.

It is probably best during these contentious political times not to talk about politics during the Thanksgiving holiday, especially if you and your spouse are on opposite sides of the political spectrum. It is rare that I've seen a divorce over political views, but continuous arguments, growing apart, different values can all be triggers to parties over time moving to the inescapable conclusion that a divorce may be what they both want.  It is doubtful that the election or arguing about it over Thanksgiving has led you to a divorce, but if you are considering a divorce, and want advice as to what your rights are if you go through with a New Jersey divorce, call us at Green & Associates at 732-390-5900 or 201-242-1119 in our East Brunswick divorce or Fort Lee divorce offices.  Our experienced NJ divorce lawyer and NJ divorce attorney can help you and we offer free consultations.


Divorce and Tentative Decisions from Motions with the Court on Pendente Lite Support

Feb 18, 2016 @ 12:34 PM — by Michael Green

In the motion practice of divorce, tentative orders may be issued by a court relating what the court may order based on the papers submitted by the parties as to issues regarding pendente lite support such as child support or spousal support or other issues, such as custody or parenting time or the payment pendente lite of other bills or payments.  Upon receving the tentative order, the parties have a duty to contact each other to determine whether either party is going to object to the order or not and whether either party is requesting oral argument.  If you have a motion you need adjudicated, contact our NJ divorce lawyer or NJ divorce attorney to pursue your motion practice in divorce.  We cover divorce in central and northern New Jersey, call us for a free consultation and ask us about our flat fees for an uncontested divorce or annulment.