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Enforcement of Postjudgment Orders for Supervised Parenting Time

Nov 7, 2016 @ 04:00 PM — by Michael Green

Enforcement of Postjudgment Orders for Supervised Parenting Time.  

There are times when supervised parenting time must be ordered for a party as to the parties' children.  It may be due to a history of substance abuse or domestic violence in a child custody matter.  Regardless, if a party does not follow a supervised parenting time order or a supervisor of the parenting time does not wish  to supervise anymore, a court order may need to be enforced as to supervised parenting time and adequate relief must be ordered.  Either a party's supervised parenting time must be suspended or an alternative means for supervision must be ordered. There are companies that have paid indidivuals supervise parenting time for those parties where there is no other alternative for supervision.  These companies have a cost, and it is a burden to the party to be supervised, but there may be no other alternative.  


Supervised Parenting Time in a New Jersey Divorce with Child Custody

Oct 22, 2016 @ 12:00 PM — by Michael Green

Supervised Parenting Time in a New Jersey Divorce with Child Custody.  There are times in a custody matter where it is necessary for supervised visitation to be ordered by the Court.  If there are allegations of child abuse or domestic violence, or a current DCP & P investigation, then supervised visitation may be ordered by the Court until the conclusion of the DCP&P investigation and a risk assessment by a psychologist.  A risk assessment generally contains a report by a psychologist which states whether or not the parent is a risk to the children in any manner based on their past behavior of child abuse, domestic violence or substance abuse.  It may be necessary for a party to also obtain a substance abuse evaluation and drug testing as well in order for supervised parenting time to be terminated.  Upon termination of supervised parenting time, a parenting time schedule may be put in place for that parent to have unsupervised parenting time with the children. 

Supervised Parenting Time in a New Jersey Divorce

Oct 1, 2016 @ 08:59 AM — by Michael Green

Supervised Parenting Time in a New Jersey Divorce.  There are times during an NJ divorce where supervised parenting time may become necessary due to domestic violence, drug or alcohol abuse.  In these instances, parenting time may be supervised by the courts or a family member trusted by the parent of primary residence.  Generally, there is an issue as to pickup and dropoffs of the children which may have to be done at a police station and which have at an issue the substance abuse of a parent, so the supervisor must be driving.   The NJ Family Courts allow for supervised parenting time on Saturdays at the courts, there is also the option of using a paid service for supervision of parenting time.  Regardless, if you have a NJ divorce where you believe you need supervised parenting time, call Green & Associates at 732-390-0480 or 201-242-1119 for a free consultation 

New Jersey Divorce and Child Custody Issues - Supervised Visitation

Aug 8, 2016 @ 09:24 PM — by Michael Green

New Jersey Divorce and Child Custody Issues - Supervised Visitation.  There are times when supervised visitation is court ordered in a child custody matter when the parties are divorcing or when they are have a child but have never married.  In those instances supervised visitation may be ordered and it is difficult for the parties to determine how supervised visitation should occur.  The courts allow supervised visitation to be monitored by the New Jersey Family Courts, but for example, in Middlesex County, that is generally only allowed on a Saturday.  Alternatively, supervised parenting time may be allowed through a family member.  Another choice, if there is not a family member acceptable to both parties, may be a service that monitors supervised parenting time.